Good Health Immuno-Biotic – Pre + Probiotic in One (30caps)


Expiry Date: May 2023

Recommended for: 

– Digestive upsets: diarrhea & constipation

– Irritable bowel syndromes (IBS)

– Supports immune and gut system

– Low immunity 

– Recurring immune concerns

– After and during antibiotics use

– Suitable for those with dairy or gluten intolerance

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Did you know about 80% of your immune system is located in your gut! Only when your gut is functioning well can your immune system potentially be at its optimum.

Good Health Immuno-Biotic is a scientifically studied PRE and PRObiotic in one. The PREbiotic feeds the PRObiotic and other good bacteria in the gut, together restoring optimal gut flora balance and immune health.

Key Features and Benefits:

– Contains a PRE & PRO Biotic in one!

They work beneficially together for optimal gut flora balance. The prebiotic increases the effectiveness of the probiotic so a high CFU count is not necessary. Together reduces the gut pH level to prevent growth of pathogenic (‘bad’ disease carrying) organisms. Convenient to take

– Contains the prebiotic EpiCor®

Clinically researched as a prebiotic to increase beneficial bacteria for gut immune health. Also clinically researched to strengthen the immune system and support mucosal defence. Magnifies effect of probiotic and helps ‘good’ bacteria to multiply and flourish

– Contains the probiotic Bacillus Coagulans

Clinically researched as a probiotic for the management of digestive imbalances. Its naturally resistant coat provides protection from heat, moisture and gastric acid to get to where it is needed. Starts multiplying after surviving the acidic conditions of the stomach

– Contains Glutamine

An essential amino acid that is the primary fuel used by the cells lining the small and large intestine. Glutamine protects the gut mucosa from damage whilst also promoting intestinal repair by tightening the openings in the gut lining preventing undigested food molecules and other toxins crossing the gut barrier and into the bloodstream (a condition known as leaky gut syndrome). 

– Contains Zinc

Maintains the health of the intestinal wall, maintaining a healthy immune system and for the development and maturation of healthy immune cells. A deficiency rapidly diminishes immune function contributing to increased risk of infections.

– Vege capsules

Suitable for vegetarians.

– No added dairy or gluten

Suitable for those with dairy or gluten intolerances.

– Can be stored at room temperature

No refrigeration required, easy to carry and store.


– Maintenance: 1 capsule daily with food. 

– Acute: 2 capsules (clinically researched dose) once daily with food.

* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Cautions / Contraindications: 

– None known. 

– SAFE to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Pack Size:

30 capsules / bottle

Weight 0.3 kg


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